Is My Child Too Young to Benefit from Music Together®?

No child is too young to respond to music. Babies even respond to sounds before birth. Just like learning a language, learning music takes time and repetition.  Children who have experiences with music at early ages achieve Basic Music Competence much earlier than children who do not have these experiences. The parent is the child’s most important role model. Music together provides a means for families to create and sustain a rich music environment in the home. This is the natural process of learning and unlocks the inborn aptitude for music in a child.

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Children learn most basic life skills from their parents and care givers. They learn by watching, listening, and experimenting. Young children soak up attitudes and knowledge from the moment of birth. There are musical milestones that parents can see and hear as their children learn tonality and rhythm, just as there are milestones when children learn language. By reading  the parent guide and through parent education in class, parents will learn to  recognize these milestones.