What Does Music Together® Offer Our Family?

The whole family will learn new songs, rhythms, tonalities, dances. Each  semester features a beautifully illustrated Songbook along with two copies of a  CD for use in your house and your car. There are nine different collections. A family can attend classes for three years before repeating a collection.

The music includes traditional and original songs and rhythm chants. The curriculum is research based, and the song material uses various  tonalities, meter, and styles. Children are exposed to a wide variety of cultural and musical experiences.  Music Together® classes stimulate parents and children alike to be creative and spontaneous. Parents get a lot of new ideas for interacting and playing with their children from the activities we do in class. You will experience how your child learns and grows musically.  With a stimulating environment and an enthusiastic parent model, your child will  attain Basic Music Competence in the first few years of life.

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